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About GWP

Growing with Purpose is the agricultural education arm of Victory Christian Academy.

In this program, our students learn sustainable agriculture

through hands-on training and experiential, project-based learning opportunities.

The Growing with Purpose agricultural program consists of several parts:

1. The Beulah Project

2. Blooming with Purpose After-school Club

3. VCA Farmer's Market


We are thrilled to offer these amazing educational opportunities for our students

while providing fresh produce to our community and to food desert regions!

We aim to inspire the next generation of growers

while deepening our relationships with the Creator and each other!

We aim to strengthen and nourish families while forming vital connections

and partnerships with other farms and community members!

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The Beulah Project

Students learn valuable lessons on growing food and

raising and caring for a wide variety of animals! 

Students care for meat chickens, egg laying chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, goats, cows, and horses.

In this program, students frequently go to a farm called Beulah Family Homestead, which is owned and operated by Marcus & Efueko Landry.

This innovative program teaches agricultural skills, character-formation, entrepreneurial skills, 

and community building.


Valor Farms

Students learn about sustainable, soil-less agriculture through hands on learning at VCA's West Campus.

The hydroponics systems were custom-built and maintained by Valor Farms, who specializes in hydroponic and aquaponic farming.


VCA Farmers Market

We host a year-round farmers market, in which local businesses and growers provide nutritious, healthy produce and quality products for the public to enjoy. 

Currently, our indoor market is held every Sunday evening from 4:30pm - 5:30pm.

Our outdoor market is currently being planned and

more information will be available soon.

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